Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia

The year of 2020 and 2021 have been catastrophic for all of us. Ever since the COVID 19 pandemic strikes, the global market has been disrupted, causing thousands of employments and laid offs. leaving those affected with disappointment.
The past two years saw companies in developed economies make bold strides to adapt to the post-pandemic era to improve the organizational performance of an array of jobs.

That makes some jobs appear irrelevant especially amidst the digitalization of the economy.

Nevertheless, some sectors are still offering competitive salary packages to candidates with suitable and relevant skills.

here is the list of the top 5 highest paying jobs in Malaysia for your reference to evaluate your career path. While this list showcases senior roles, it also highlights high demand role that is well paid off like cybersecurity!

1. C-suite Executives

From CEOs to CFOs and COOs, C-level executives do earn a huge fortune. On average, their salary starts at around RM 25, 000 per month but those in MNC probably earn up to 6 figures.If you plan to climb the corporate ladder to the top C-level position through internal promotion, you need to work for the same company for at least 15 years. Throughout the years, you must prepare yourself with the ability to gain professional knowledge and experience steadily before ascending to higher and more demanding positions. Of course, as the company evolves with time you must reinvent yourself to cope with the changes.

2. Specialist doctors

As one of the most challenging professions in the world, specialist doctors do earn big bucks with RM 16, 000 per month on average.

Besides the fact that they must work around the clock, putting their family as a second priority, specialist doctors really must have the passion, patience and compassion to deal with people every day.

All of this coupled with the fact that there is a severe shortage of specialist doctors in Malaysia that makes these professionals able to demand hefty pay.
Despite the severity of the workloads, a specialist doctor will never worry about job security.

3. Investment Bankers

Monthly salary: RM14,000 on average. An investment banker is a broad phrase that refers to a finance professional that works for an investment or merchant bank. Investment bankers have a variety of responsibilities inside their firms.

This can include everything from giving multibillion-dollar corporations financial guidance to evaluating the market and economic trends. Most investment bankers have a background in economics or finance; however, engineers and other non-financial professionals have dabbled in the realm of high finance.

There are numerous reasons why investment banking is appealing, including the glamorous nature of the work and the excellent salary.

Computer Security System Data Protection Graphic

  1. Information SecurityProfessionals who possess advanced cybersecurity skills are the next most-wanted in the career market all over the world. At the very highest levels, the right person can command over RM 13, 000 per month. The demand for people who understand cyber threats has skyrocketed.There is a steady flow of new and innovative technological solutions to be sold, and cybersecurity isn’t simply about tech wizards lowering attack surfaces and fending off hackers.It might be inspiring whether you’re trying to start a profession or develop your current skills.No matter whether you are looking to launch a career or take your existing expertise to the next level, it can be motivating.Let’s check out the primary skills and responsibilities, the career path to get there and any recommended education and certifications you might need from
  2. Business ConsultantsBusiness consultants, in a nutshell, are problem-solvers. A company hires them to investigate its operations and offer solutions to help it become more efficient and lucrative. Consultants are typically experts with backgrounds in finance, economics, or even accounting. Your objective as a business consultant is to help your client increase profit margins while lowering costs and keeping operations lean.

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