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About New Horizons Malaysia

 The world’s largest IT training company with over 200 locations worldwide across six continents.

 Pioneering Learn What Earns ™ (Imagine being known as a knower, certified as a doer, and paid like an expert

 Official training partner for technology leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and VMware

 Microsoft’s largest training provider, delivering more than 40% of all authorized Microsoft training worldwide

Scholarship Eligibility

 Working Adults

 Students above the age 18

 IT professional

 Anyone who is interested in making a career in IT without prior knowledge of computer science college degree

Why Scholarship?

 The truth is anybody can start becoming an expert and earn not only 5 figures, even more than that. This is more true now than ever as digitalization and industrial revolution 4.0 skills are becoming extremely valuable for organization these days.Benefits of become involving in high skilled IT professionals or certified IT skilled freelancer are:

 High salary, this is because skills are highly valued

 Ability to get high value client projects as freelancer or IT firm owners

 Clear set path needed to become Chief Technology Office, Chief Information Officer, IT Head

 Ability to work from anywhere (Remotely)

Here are the 4 things that you must have in order to become a 5 figure certified IT professional.

 Choose an in-demand field that has alot of demand but less supply

 Have strong credibility trusted by thousands of organization that you indeed have the qualification to solve their problems related to IT

 Closed community access with like minded individual with same professional work of line

 Experience coach or mentor who have succeeded in doing the same