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This course is targeted to get any project executive – senior or junior – off the ground with complete know-how at the basic level. In this course, we use the project managementmethodology based on the Critical Path Method (CPM). It is important to note that our course is based on international best practices that have been in use for more than 60 years. To be noted is this fact – the single methodology is applicable in all industries. How we provide industry bias is through our unique workshop approach. During our workshops, each participant will work with colleagues on a case study derived from their current real-world projects. The project data will be processed as per each workshop requirement set. At the end, they would build up an integrated project of their current office example according to the methodology presented during class.

The Learning Approach

Different knowledge delivery formats are used at different times during the Course. We use the following 4 time-tested formats:

  • Slides Presentation – of concept set by concept set
  • Handout – to present more information on a key theme or sub-theme
  • Q&A session – relating what has been learned to actual work items
  • Workshop – at the end of each major concept set to ensure know-how transfer.

Project management know-how transfer is only ensured if applied and confirmed during a class session under trainer’s guidance. Project management must be seen to be correctly applied to a participant’s actual work scenario to ensure success. And that is our goal.

Course Next Available Date In-House Availability
Project Management Essentials BEST SELLER 12-14 November (Register Now) Upon Request (Request Now)
Project Management Fundamentals BEST SELLER 12 November (Register Now) Upon Request (Request Now)
Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Preparation BEST SELLER 15-19 October (Register Now) Upon Request (Request Now)