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Develop and sharpen personal skills. It’s time to GROW and GLOW in organization!

  • Master the skills to visualize, manipulate, and evaluate the data.

  • Create equations that can provide more data on vital company functions.

  • Master the workflow, project efficiency, financial projections, budgets, and even inventory levels and usage within 5-days.

  • An effective program comes with certificates at the lowest cost.
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Program Benefits:

Highly IN-DEMAND Certification Program in 2022

Hot Selling program in 2022 and beyond. The program comes with:

  • Full Module

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • A 5-day course for students ranging from BEGINNER to EXPERT.
  • Examination and Microsoft Certification

Opportunity in Career Advancement

  • In-demand careers in 2022
  • Earn a lucrative income upon the completion of the program.
  • Higher chances to become a national expert in the information technology (IT) industry as the job opportunity is greater than the skilled labour.

HRD-Corp Claimable program

  • 100% claimable program.
  • Convenience claims process.
  • The process of claiming will be fully assisted by the training provider.

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Why Choose
New Horizons?

70% of skills acquired at New Horizons are applied on the job within the first 8 weeks.

59% of  New Horizons students say training received was critical to their job performance.

44% of time on the job is spent applying new knowledge & skills gained from New Horizons.

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