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100% HRD-Corp Claimable. Learn Microsoft Excel for FREE!  

100% HRD-Corp Claimable. Learn Microsoft Excel for FREE!  


Public Program 

Microsoft Excel
Course & Certification

Microsoft Excel Course & Certification

The World’s Most Popular Spreadsheet Program

The World’s Most Popular Spreadsheet Program

Microsoft Excel is a well-known spreadsheet program from Microsoft that is used in a variety of professional roles. You can reduce your workload and be more efficient at work if you know how to use Microsoft Excel. This program assists you in organizing, calculating, analyzing, revising, updating, and presenting data in ways that influence decision making. Learning how to use the application effectively enhances your employment and career opportunities. 

New Horizons is an accredited training partner that provides a training platform for enthusiastic individuals or organizations to upskill or reskill themselves through our public program and collaboration with HRD-Corp. 

Learning outcome:

Learning outcome:

MS Excel Foundation 

The course is designed for complete beginners who have little or no working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. 

  • Understand the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel and recognize its elements and interface  
  • Perform calculation and apply basic formulas and functions 
  • Conduct basic data visualization by recognizing and formatting different chart types 
  • Manage large workbooks and printing setup 

MS Excel Intermediate 

This course is designed for people who have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel and want to learn more. 

  • Easily organize data in multiple worksheets and output final report on paper and PDF 
  • Explain the fundamentals of various types of data and methods for handling them, and perform complex formulas 
  • Set a control to prevent invalid data and automate cell styles whenever the data changes

MS Excel Advance 

This course is designed for anyone who wants to advance their skills and become an expert in Microsoft Excel. 

  • Recognize complex Excel functions and interfaces such as V & H lookup, scenario manager, advance macros and automation 
  • Perform data analysis with a pivot chart and a pivot table, as well as create and manipulate graphs and charts 
  • Customize Excel formatting to meet your needs 

Training Mode


Career Pathway

This skill is useful in accounting, auditing, administration, market and data analysis, project management, and many other fields! 

Program Benefits:

Program Benefits:

Highly IN-DEMAND Certification Program in 2022

  • Comes with full module

  • Mentoring and coaching session

  • For students ranging from BEGINNER to EXPERT level

  • Include certification and examination

Opportunity in Career Advancement

  • Land a promising career

  • Earn a lucrative income

  • The right pathway to become an Excel expert

HRD-Corp Claimable Program

  • 100% claimable program

  • Convenient claim procedure

  • With complete assistance by the training provider

Learn and Claim with HRD-Corp

Course Fees

Course Fees



What are the prerequisites for the Microsoft Excel courses?2022-11-22T04:01:09+00:00

There are no prerequisites for MS Excel Foundation level because it is a beginner course for those with no prior knowledge of Excel. However, to complete the MS Excel Intermediate and Advance levels, a candidate must be proficient and have a solid understanding of the required knowledge of the previous course before progressing to a higher level. 

Is this Microsoft Power Excel course accredited?2022-11-22T04:00:35+00:00

Yes, we are a certified Microsoft partner in Malaysia. We adhere to all Microsoft course outlines. 

How do I get in touch to learn more about the program?2022-11-22T03:59:55+00:00

Following your registration, our personnel will contact you to provide consultation, advice, and feedback. You can get in touch with the person in charge, or you can reach us at info@newhorizons.my. We are always happy to help.



Brilliant Course! 

This course was a lot of fun for me! I’ve gained many new skills that will help me work more efficiently in the office, and I’ve also gained a better understanding of Excel. The course was very informative and interactive, and having practice in between helped me understand the process step by step. 

Nazmi Osman 
Human Resources Manager 

Excellent And Informative! 

I thought I knew a lot about Excel before taking this course, but it taught me so much more! Great course, great tutor – really relaxed, informative, nice environment to ask questions, and at making sure everyone understood what was being explained.  

Nora Masnan 
Financial Accountant 

Surprisingly Easy to Master! 

This course was fantastic! I feel like I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time. Even though I’ve been using Microsoft Excel for a while, I still discovered new things. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their skills. I’m really looking forward to the next course. 

Maizatul Syahidah 
Digital Marketing Analyst 

Why Choose
New Horizons

Why Choose
New Horizons

70% of skills acquired at New Horizons are applied on the job within the first 8 weeks.

59% of  New Horizons students say training received was critical to their job performance.

44% of time on the job is spent applying new knowledge & skills gained from New Horizons.

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