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Public Program 

CompTIA Network+
Course & Certification

CompTIA Network+ Course & Certification

Advance Your IT Career to the Next Level 

Advance Your IT Career to the Next Level 

CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association) is the world’s largest provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications and is trusted by employers around the world. The training and certification exams are constantly reviewed and improved to meet the demands of today’s technological challenges.  

CompTIA Network+ validates the technical knowledge and skills required to establish, maintain, and troubleshoot the critical networks on which businesses rely. It covers the specific skills needed by network professionals and prepares candidates to support networks on any platform. Furthermore, it is the only certification that covers both wired and wireless networks. 

It is also one of the most preferred credentials by IT professionals and employers because it supports the recent trends and methodologies that promote connectivity and performance. It contributes to career advancement in network administration. 

New Horizons is an accredited training partner that provides a training platform for enthusiastic individuals or organizations to upskill or reskill themselves through our public program and collaboration with HRD-Corp. 

Learning outcome:

Learning outcome:

  • Illustrate and implement the fundamentals of networking principles 
  • Monitor, configure, and optimize networks to ensure business continuity 
  • Explain network security concepts and protocols, as well as network attacks, in order to harden networks against threats 
  • Demonstrate routing technologies and networking devices; deploy ethernet solutions and configure wireless technologies such as switches and routers 
  • Support the development of virtualized networks by resolving frequent cable, connection, and software networking problems 

Training Level


Training Mode


Training Duration

5 Days

Career Pathway

Network Engineer, Network Support Specialist, System Engineer 

Program Benefits:

Program Benefits:

Highly IN-DEMAND Certification Program in 2022

  • Comes with full modules

  • Mentoring and coaching session

  • For students ranging from BEGINNER to EXPERT level

  • Include certification and examination

Opportunity in Career Advancement

  • Land a promising career

  • Earn a lucrative income

  • The right pathway to become an IT expert

HRD-Corp Claimable Program

  • 100% claimable program

  • Convenient claim procedure

  • With complete assistance by the training provider

*Terms and Conditions:

  1. Through our referral program, your friend can enrol in this course for 75% less at RM970!
  2. Your friend must work in the same company/subsidiary as you to be eligible.

Learn and Claim with HRD-Corp

Exam and Certification

Exam and Certification

1. How do I obtain CompTIA Network+ certification? 

You will obtain the CompTIA Network+ certification by passing an exam that includes multiple-choice and performance-based questions. 

Exam Details  CompTIA Network+ N10-008* 
About  To assess the technical skills required to securely establish, maintain, and troubleshoot the critical networks on which businesses rely 
Exam Format  Multiple choice and performance-based  
Number of Questions  Maximum of 90 questions per exam 
Passing Score  720 (on a scale of 100-900) 
Test Duration  90 minutes  

2. How do I schedule or book for my examination? 

You can schedule the exam with our trainer at any time that is convenient for you.  

3. Where will the examination be held? 

The examination will be held at our training center, Peoplelogy Group in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. 

4. Is this CompTIA A+ course accredited? 

Yes, CompTIA Network+ certification is recognized by the International Organization for Standardization and the American National Standards Institute (ISO/ANSI). 

5. How do I get more information about the examination? 

During the class, our trainer will go over the exam details, including fees and the exam outline. You can also get more information by filling out the form, and one of our representatives will contact you. 

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What are the prerequisites for the CompTIA Network+ Certification course?2022-11-17T06:12:14+00:00

Candidates with CompTIA A+ certification is preferred, but it is not required if you have the necessary experience. They must be familiar with overall networking technologies and have at least nine months of networking experience.   

What is HRD-Corp claimable course and how do I apply?2022-11-17T06:11:37+00:00

HRD Corp Claimable Course is a dedicated program designed to help employers retrain and upskill their employees in accordance with their operational and business needs. The course is conducted by HRDF Registered Training Providers. Employers who are HRDF registered are allowed to make claims for employees who take this course.

How do I get in touch to learn more about the program?2022-11-17T06:11:04+00:00

Following your registration, our personnel will contact you to provide consultation, advice, and feedback. You can get in touch with the person in charge, or you can reach us at info@newhorizons.my. We are always happy to help.



Got My Dream Job! 

I started getting noticed by employers for jobs I wanted as soon as I listed CompTIA Network+ certification on my resume! This helped me show my employers that I can do the job. I would strongly suggest this course to a friend. 

Zakwan Husaini 
System Engineer 

Improved Networking Skills!

CompTIA Network+ certification assists me in launching my career in network support. All these topics facilitate me in putting my networking skills to use like a pro! It is well worth the effort to obtain this credential.

Yee Wee Ong
Associate Network Support 

Fantastic Trainer!

The trainer did an excellent job of getting us through the mountains of information in this CompTIA Network+ course and gave us a thorough review before the exams. He also used real-world examples to help students remember the material. 

Nathan Selvarajoo
Help Desk Technician

Why Choose
New Horizons

Why Choose
New Horizons

71% of skills learned at New Horizons are applied to the job within the first 8 weeks

85% of students reported that the training was critical to their job performance

74% of time on the job is spent applying new knowledge and skills acquired through the training

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