Take advantage of the salary & digital training incentive under MDEC’s MYWiT programme of up to RM23,600 per person and allow us to develop your new hires into valuable assets for your organization

Did you know 25% of Malaysian companies shut down over the past 2 years because they were not digitally ready?

IF there is only one lesson to be learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that adoption of digital technologies is no longer optional for businesses – it is a necessity.

Research suggests that companies and businesses that leveraged digitalization such as AI, Data Analysis and software development experienced a rise in productivity by 26%.

According to a survey, there are 3 main factors that are touted to be why Malaysian companies (even some MNCs and PLCs) are not willing to move their businesses digitally.

✅ Minimal understanding of digital knowledge
✅ Lack of budget to go digital and train staff
✅ Shortage of digital talents in the workforce

Worry not, we are pleased to bring you a solution that would ease your financial burden and attract top talents for your organization.


Build your next great team with New Horizons & MDEC through our hiring incentives!

Through New Horizons’ world class training courses, and the salary & digital training subsidy from MDEC, you don’t have to make do with a small team and a shoestring budget anymore.


MyDigitalWorkforce Work in Tech (MYWiT) is an initiative by MDEC that incentivizes employers via salary & training subsidies to hire Malaysians for digital tech and services jobs that enables your business to thrive digitally beyond 2021.

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Key Benefits You Will Receive from the MYWiT Programme

Salary Subsidy for 6 months

  • 40% of monthly salary for 6 months (maximum capped at RM 2,600 per pax/month)
  • Minimum salary requirement: RM2,000/month

Fully subsidized digital training

Incentive of up to RM 8,000/pax to upskill new hires who joined in between 1st April 2021 – 31ST August 2022 via a New Horizons course.

In-Demand skills that can attract top talents

Your staff will be upskilled with world-class, industrial standard certification courses provided by our global partners like Microsoft and CompTIA and conducted by New Horizon Malaysia’s capable trainers.


We have a selection of courses that will not only instill digital awareness, knowledge and skills in your employees, but boost your business’ progress tremendously by leveraging digital tools available globally

Analyzing Data with Power BI(Intermediate – 3 days)

Certified Android Application Development (Advanced – 6 days)

Certified Ethical Hacker (Intermediate Level- 5 days)

Python For Data Scientist (Intermediate – 3 days)

Python For Beginner Introductory Level (Intermediate – 3 days)

CompTIA Security+ (Introductory Level – 5 days)

CompTIA Network+ (Intermediate Level – 6 days)

CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)(Intermediate Level – 5 days)

CompTIA Linux+

CompTIA Linux+ (Introductory Level – 5 days)

Python for Programming

Python Programming (Introductory Level – 5 days)

Big Data Hadoop and Sparks

Big Data Hadoop and Spark (Introductory Level – 3 days)

Job roles eligible under MYWiT

Incentives are available for companies that hire fresh graduates/ unemployed/ retrenched employees (minimum 2 months) for the following digital technology related roles:

1) Human Resources
2) Finance & Accounting
3) Information Technology (IT)
4) Marketing and Sales
5) Cybersecurity
6) Data Science
7) Software Development
8) Customer Experience
9) Cloud Computing
10) Finance Technology (FinTech)


Enquire about our courses by filling up the form below or calling 03-22871829

Our dedicated team will contact you to advice on the training registration

Once your training needs are settled, you will begin the MDEC application process

Obtain MDEC’s approval, submit training & salary claims and you’re done. Easy peasy.


MYWiT is an MDEC incentive programme funded by Malaysian government to create a digitally ready workforce for organizations and SMEs. New Horizons Malaysia is a partner in providing training courses under this programme.

You are eligible for the MYWiT programme if your company is:

  • Incorporated in Malaysia
  • Have a capital of at least RM 20,000
  • Not dormant
  • Not a current recipient of PENJANA programmes or any other MDEC grants
  • Not a public-sector, federal, state statutory body or local authority’s (PBT) employee
  • No relations to a board of director, shareholder or employee of MDEC

Our team will contact you and guide you through more details of the programme after you fill up the below form.

They must have been unemployed for a minimum of 2 months or retrenched or fresh graduate.

Companies can claim for new employees who have been issued of an employment offer letter with commencement date between 5th April until 30th April 2022. They must command a salary of at least RM2,000 with a minimum of 12-months contractual employment.

You can apply up to a maximum of 500 pax for DBS and/or 50 pax for DTA subject to grant availability and approval.