Reasons to Learn Python If You’re Beginning To Code

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Some of you might be aware of the recent trend in producing home-grown data scientist talents to meet the 20,00 data professional targets by 2020. With more training and learning platforms offering Big Data related training course in Malaysia, it’s about time this discipline been considered as a serious profession among budding talented students. The great thing about jumping into the Big Data professional band-wagon is that you’re highly likely don’t even need a full-fledged degree to become one. There are tons of quality short-term and long term class that can be attended for you to slowly build up your [...]

Which Coding Languages to Learn and Master in 2019

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The Language of the Future: Which Coding Languages to Learn and Master in 2019 [Malaysian Coding Career Tips and Advice] It Is estimated that coding languages will be prominently used throughout world. So much that they have been labelled as “The New Business Literacy”. If you are still unaware what are programming languages, simply put they are language used to talk with computers. Webs, mobile applications, Operating System run in Macs and Windows computer, office thumb in machines and many more. Here are top 8 coding languages that you should learn and master for a better career: Novice [...]

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