How to get one of the World’s Largest Software Company to certify you in becoming Data Analyst Associate

Master one of the most lucrative skills of the 21st century with this unique skill of data visualization using free data visualization tool. Learning any one of this big data skills and mastering them would enable you to re-invigorate your careers, job and business.

3 Steps To Get The Prize

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Propelling Malaysia on becoming the largest Southeast Asean Big Data Analytics Hub

What will you get in these 2 Hours Seminar

Basic Introduction to Big Data and Big Data Analytics

Learn what is the in certifications when it comes to Big Data Analytics and how to find the suitable training for you

What are the available courses for you to kickstart you Big Data learning journey

Which certifications can open up available job opportunities without the reliance of experience: 

How to grow your current skill as Big Data associate with the right training and certifications

How to get score dream job as a Big Data Analyst in the most dire of times, alternatives to job seeking, freelancing or business consulting

Skills to have for Certified Data Scientist

Big Data Analysts are a versatile bunch of professionals who answer questions to the most absurd of things in the most statistically sound way possible.

Perks of being a Certified Data Analyst