How To Attract Corporate Talents 2022

Stay sharp recruiters/hiring managers! The job market is booming again as our economy is slowly but surely returning towards normalcy.

With fierce competition, how do you plan to stand out amongst your hiring peers to snag today’s upcoming corporate talents?

In order to entice high performers, you have to understand the psychology of how they think.

Oft times, they want to:

  • Work in growing brands with a clearly defined purpose
  • Create an impact on the world
  • Feel valued and appreciated
  • Experience career growth and personal development
  • Enjoy flexibility to integrate work & personal lives

Great employees make your business thrive.

Thus, your strategies of attracting top talents require strong foundation that consist of the below 3 steps.

1. Create A Strong Online Brand & Leverage Digital Channels

Did you know 75% of candidates research a company’s reputation via social media/website before applying?

Hence, make sure your website and social media channels are active and well optimised, accurately reflecting your company culture & values, along with a clearly defined purpose that impacts the world. Also, share a clear picture of the job requirements, career opportunities, remuneration package, and applications steps.

Remember, talented people are more willing to work in a company that emanates a better culture that induces a flow of happiness and productivity (see Google, Apple, Nestle).

And they are definitely aware of their personal needs.

So if you establish what makes you different from your competitors and communicate your brand’s image well online , you will have a field day in attracting your dream candidates.

2. Design A Delightful Onboarding Process

First impressions leave a lasting impact. You want to WOW your new hires right from the get go and let them feel justified in the decision to join your company.

So set up an interactive, fun filled and yet informative onboarding sessions that accurately reflects what your company is all about!

This will fill your new hires with all the information, company culture and do’s/do nots need to know to hit the ground running.

Take a look at the below article that summarises onboarding programs designed by some of the best companies in the world.

3. Include Opportunities for Career & Personal Growth through Training/Certification Programmes

Talented people desire professional success and fast career advancement.

Talented people hanker for the right knowledge and information.

Talented people constantly upgrade their skillset.

Therefore, you should create various opportunities within your company to fast-track your staff’s success by providing upskilling training programmes that gives them a sense of fulfillment and enables them to perform well and help your business succeed.

A win-win for all parties involved.

To hiring companies in Malaysia!

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The good news for you is, New Horizons Malaysia is collaborating with MDEC to help our nation economy rebuilding initiative through incentivised hiring & digital reskilling that can help to reduce your company’s hiring/training costs, through the MYWiT programme.

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With these incentives, your company will be saving significant costs and have your new hires get upskilled significantly.

Our digital courses include as Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, or Software Development.

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