Python Training Kuala Lumpur 2019

Some of you might be aware of the recent trend in producing home-grown data scientist talents to meet the 20,00 data professional targets by 2020. With more training and learning platforms offering Big Data related training course in Malaysia, it’s about time this discipline been considered as a serious profession among budding talented students.

The great thing about jumping into the Big Data professional band-wagon is that you’re highly likely don’t even need a full-fledged degree to become one. There are tons of quality short-term and long term class that can be attended for you to slowly build up your data analytical skill.

But if you’re an absolute beginner and looking to start your own Big Data and other career which requires knowledge in programming or coding, what will be the ideal language to start learning?

The answer: Python.

While languages such as R, SPSS or Julia are still being using in the data science programming, Python has been the bona fide data science go to language. Python has recently replaced Java, as the most popular language in colleges and among coding communities.

Be a Data Scientist in Malaysia

Reason Number 1: Building a Lucrative Career in Data Science

The biggest reason why programmers and aspiring programmer with no technical skills are starting to learn python in 2019, is the opportunity of building a lucrative career in Data Science field. Recently our parent company, PEOPLElogy manage to secure funding for Big Data Engineerring and Scientist Course for Bumiputera working adults. Many have since manage to double up their pay, and a new batch is expecting to be feature in end of Q2.

You can take advantage of it now.

Python Training Maching Learning and Deep Learning

Reason Number 2: Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Recently a popular concept among the data science field, has been Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Have you wondered how Google has been able to produce unique search results based on demographics and the person searching them, how Youtube is able to recommend video to watch based on the person’s interest to a certain subject, How Grab is able to match nearby drivers to the person booking a drive to specific area/region, and How Facebook shows you relevant ads at the right timining, answer, Machine Learning.

Python is the only major programming language that makes mastering machine learning easy.

Reason Number 3: Python is a comparatively easier language to learn

Learning Python, based on Quora’s online coding community and forums slates it as being one of the easier language to master. A basic command that is ubiquitously used among beginners is the “Hello World” printout:

“Hello World” print using C:

“Hello World” print using C-python training kl

“Hello World” print using Java:

“Hello World” print using Java-Python Training KL

“Hello World” print using Python:

“Hello World” print using Python-Training KL

Python (Beginner) Training in Kuala Lumpur-Web Development

Reason Number 4: Web Development

Some of famous websites that use Python as one of their core functional language are Google, Youtube, Quora, Dropbox, Yahoo!, Reddit, Instagram, Spotify, Survey Monkey and Bitly. Web development task which may take hours to accomplish using php can be completed in short time using Python. This is mainly due to available good libraries and frameworks, such as Django and Flask which make development task comparatively easier.

Python (Beginner) Training in Kuala Lumpur- Simplicity

Reason Number 5: Simplicity and Productivity

One of the main reason, Python has been the go to learning language for beginners, is due to it’s simplicity over much heavier languages such as Java and C++. Python can be basically run from anywhere on your machine.

Python (Beginner) Training in Kuala Lumpur-Python Community Malaysia

Reason Number 6: Huge Community

Apart from being open-source, Python is supported by huge community which are growing every day. In fact each country have their own Python community which gives them a degree of localization.

Join Malaysia Python Group:

Python (Beginner) Training in Kuala Lumpur-Python Community Malaysia- Automation/Repetitive

Reason Number 7: Automating Repetitive Task

Have any repetitive task that you would like to automate? Python extensive library coupled with their compatibility with popular software tools; Excel, SAP, Web Crawling, Online Chatbots and etc.

Python (Beginner) Training in Kuala Lumpur-Multipurpose Language

Reason Number 8: Swiss Army Knife of Programming Language

Python is very versatile and multipurpose, where it can be used for both web development, application building apart from data analytics.

Reason Number 9: Job Demand and Growth

Quick check on popular jobsites such as Jobstreet and LinkedIn shows that the vacancy for Python Developer has been continuously growing.

Reason Number 10: Salary Ceiling (Min and Max)

Search on the Jobstreet, for candidates with Python related skills have indicated a salary range of minimum of RM 2,000 to RM 4,000 for fresh graduate. For more experience Python user, companies are willing to invest from RM 4,000 to up to RM 12,000 with the right coupled skillset.

If you can relate to the article above and would like to kick start your career in Python related field, we are having a Python Programming Course for Beginners on 13th-15th April 2020, in New Horizons Learning Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

For more details, please feel free to email or call (+603) 2287 1829 to get more details.

Python Beginners (13th-15th May) 3 Days